We look forward to getting to know you!

For now, lets help you get to know us!

We are a small family that is growing! We are home educators, meaning we learn every day all day long! Through traveling, talking to people and just being apart of our community. Through technology, our community just got bigger. We are now able to reach many many people through so many different outlets and portals. Instagram has been my safe haven for so much support from other Mom’s and Dad’s who are enjoying the freedom of home education or traveling or both! We aren’t going to lie, we have had challenges. Its been one roller coaster after another.

Right now is a great example. I’m typing this with my baby in my arms, my 9 year old to my left asking me if she can play on her tablet. My husband is out front mowing the lawn and our temporary pup is calmly standing by. I said no to the tablet as its 4pm and I want her to get outside for the remainder of the day. No shame in some time on the tablet, I love the app Prodigy (not sponsored) we just absolutely love that game/education!

We have learned so much through the short period of time that we have been home educators. Researching for years prior, never fully grasping what all it would entail or take to get into a functioning daily routine (or should I say, daily shuffle), our routines are constantly morphing and growing, ultimately changing with how often you grow when you are actively learning new ways to improve ones self. Its inspiring and can be quite exhausting without support in some capacity.

Why do we home educate, you may ask?

  • Because learning shouldn’t be graded – Learning is the acquisition of skills through different methods (hands on experience, studying or being taught) – It is not a measure of ones worth nor should someones lack of learning what was taught be a negative moment for anyone, but rather a up lifting one of now we know how “NOT” to do it, lets learn how “TO” do it.
    1. Acquiring information for the sole purpose of taking a test and “ACE’ing” it. Isn’t learning (well it is, just not the kinds that will inspire you to want to learn) – What you are actually learning, is how much you need to know to pass, not how much you want to know, because you want to learn.
    2. Often times in my experience with compulsory schooling, once a child “Fails” (This term Fail is such a mess, as in learning, there is NEVER failure, only successful ways not to do something) Nevertheless, once a child “Fails” a test, they are graded and then moved on to the next topic. No revisit to hone those “skills” that they “Failed”, they are just marked with a number/letter grading system and moved on to the next grazing field like cattle. No real connection to learning at all.
    3. There is a lot of great lessons to be learned, but how can we do that if our imagination is not allowed to come out randomly. We can’t structure every little last aspect of our lives. We need to leave room, LOTS of room, for the unexpected wonderful delights that happen by chance, accident, mistake or just because. These are the moment when TRUE learning happens! When your passion is ignited and you feel a sense of urgency to express your excitement. Ahhh, these moments are what my family lives for!
  • And because I want my family to make as many memories together, even it does mean sacrificing a few things that a lot of people would consider creature comforts. We may not be able to go on lavish expenditures, but honestly, who needs a vacation if they design their life to be one? Yep, I said it. Design your life! You are in control of your life, why not make it exactly what you want on a vacation, EVERY DAY!

So, I started this website to canvas our lifestyle as well as provide fun info, helpful info and also provide some help to those who need things to make their life the inspiration they desire.

Understanding the basic needs you and your family have is so important. What drives/motivates you, your kids, your partner? These are the questions you will want to research and evaluate, because guess what! These too shall change. We want them to, that’s why this is a life journey, not just a first date. You have to constantly be working, researching and observing who your people are and what their needs are. Vice Versa!! We are a community and we need to all be practicing these skills together. Its a lifestyle, its vital to a successful and fulfilled life.

  • I’m blogging publicly here, because it will bring all my platforms to one central location. Making it ultimately easier for you to find me. Click to see all of my Platforms
  • I’d love to connect with anyone who is interested in self improvement, self motivation, family growth, individual growth, expanding your views and being open minded to change constantly. We are always changing, growing and we need to be able to mentally, emotion and spiritually prepare for these changes.
  • I want to inspire you to become a better version of yourself daily. Its a life journey, it takes dedication and perseverance. We don’t just get to where we want to be, because we tried once. We get what we want, because we did the grind daily.
  • My goal is to raise my children to be self sufficient, confident, self-aware, critical thinkers and ambitious with strong firm beliefs. Healthy emotional, mental and physical well-being. Knowing their worth and value is not based on others, but that their value and worth is found in our Savior Jesus Christ.

I have so many amazing ideas, that I haven’t even had the time to sit down and just write them out. I am so passionate about so many things and my family is my number one passion.

A few of my greatest passions other than my family is

  • Moms – As a mom myself, I am absolutely passionate about supporting, encouraging and inspiring other moms out there.
    • Postpartum – is my biggest soft spot. I want to really drive in an idea soon about how I want to help support the women who have no support and are all alone while bringing life into this world. They need to know that we care and that they will get through the trials. Being a new mom, dealing with emotions/hormones, physically healing from child birth and not having a support system is a very tough situation. I want to lessen that burden for women in any way I can.
    • Working Moms – We all have to make a living somehow. Why not work together to make sure we are all able to provide for our family’s. I want to provide services for those moms who need to work, but want to be home with their family’s. If you need it, I’ll find a way to get it for you. This is my mentality.
  • “Unwanted” children (children are always wanted) – This is a long term goal of mine, as I have wanted this since I was a child. I want to adopt/support in many/any capacity children who are alone/orphaned in our country. When I was a child myself, I wanted to grow up and own lots of land and a big house, (like 15 bedrooms – I was a dreamer – still am), and its just so important to me to be that voice for children of all ages, born and unborn!

I will end here, as I’ve said so much already! I look forward to making new friends and hope to inspire others in the process!

– Hannah G

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I’m a mommy of two! I love everything from food to traveling to being at home and relaxing! Arts, crafts, helping others be the best they can be. Life is short, we need to utilize every since moment of it!

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