Work At Home Job Leads – January 8th 2023

Hi! I’m Hannah♥️

Hey! My name is Hannah. I’m excited to share some companies who have listed work at home positions. Listings go quick, especially non-phone gigs, so RUNNNN when you see what you want. Much love in your search.

I am not affiliated with any of the companies listed below.

Sometimes opportunities come in forms you’d least expect!
Much love on your journey to financial freedom!

Work At Home Job Leads


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Omni Interactions – Wonderful company. There are gigs listed often and some are long term gigs; while there are also others that are short term. It’s a wonderful place to get consistent work. Phone and non-phone gigs. Up to 40 hours is usually available on average and between $14 and $20 an hour depending on Metric requirements and hour requirements to attain increased pay. Hardwire is required with Ethernet.

Arise Platform – it’s a platform that gives you access to multiple clients to choose from. Ranging from phones to non-phones. Pay is between $12 and $15. You do pay for training, as it’s seen as an investment. You use a software that’s called ASD, which does detect if you have Wi-Fi on. You have to be hardwired with Ethernet for these clients.

Hotel Planner – You do not pay for training. It’s 100% commission based. No clocking in, you just get on whenever you like. It is 100% on phones booking hotels. It’s recommended to use hardwire, but the system doesn’t prevent Wi-Fi from being used.

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