New Years Resolutions

Everyone has them, even if they aren’t labeled with the cliché term “New Years Resolution”. It’s a basic goal and in some ways beneficial to us mentally to commit to change for the change that’s coming, so that we aren’t blind sided by the change that is inevitable. As we all know, with each new week, month and year – the one thing that remains the same is that things change. Why not embrace it, be intentional with it, make it yours and not allow it to be molded and created! That’s my goal, my goal is to be intentional and create goals out loud! You know that person who makes a list of a list, well I’m making a goal to make goals! I want to be consistent in my actions, exceptions aside. I want to be reliable, not just when I want to be, but always. These are traits I want to grow into with intention and purpose.

I’ve been loving a few YouTube channels that give me hope and inspiration for the future and present in practical ways. Cooking, cleaning, mental health, breaking spiritual strongholds and building good habits. I want that, to be intentional in every part of my life. With relationships and with the material elements.

I have found that the reason it’s common to struggle with being intentional, is because it changes the category the thing is. It’s no longer “optional”, “if I feel like it” – it’s now “I’m responsible for it”, “I’m committed to this” and I will be held accountable to seeing it through. That’s a big deal and can be scary when you only look at it from the standpoint of “what if I fail”… you carry the burden of failure before you’ve even begun and it will weigh you down.

We need to view it from the joy of doing something with every intention to succeed. Meaning, there is no such thing as failure. Every moment is an opportunity to get the result you anticipated or get another result that is either better or a learning experience. There’s never a time where failure is actually happening. Memories could have been made during it, which can be more valuable than the result you wanted even. There’s so much specialness and beauty in the possibilities we can create when we are intentional!

My motivation is to be present, in everything. I don’t want to do everything on default. I want to be there. In it, all of it. Really being a part of the action! I want to be a intentional Wife and an intentional Mommy. I want to take ownership of my life and I need to make real decisions to do that!

I’d love to hear your New Years Resolution and the motivation behind it!

Much Love! – Hannah

Published by The Family Treat

I’m a mommy of two! I love everything from food to traveling to being at home and relaxing! Arts, crafts, helping others be the best they can be. Life is short, we need to utilize every since moment of it!

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