Healing In a Pain Filled World

Recorded 08/10/2022

Often we hear people say, “How could God let all these bad things happen”, “if there’s a God, then he’d stop all the bad”.

Gods will for your life is between you and Him.

So, I felt this on my heart this morning when I first woke up. And I wrote the header/title italic section above… Well, I began to do the day and began my bible devotional with my daughter and all the things… I then go over to Facebook – Its rare!, but this was a divine appointment. Someone I know, lost someone and began to claim “How do people go through devastating losses like this and find ANY comfort in people saying “It’s part of Gods plan”…

We should never tell someone “This is from God”, as a form of nanny nanny boo boo. Our hearts should never use God, The Bible or Gods will for our own fleshy gain over someone. Doing things with an agenda is wrong. It’s called deception that isn’t from the Spirit of God.

I’m not going to elaborate further on the post or say names. But I will say this, the person who posted this is a dear friend and family in a way family. We are bonded for life in some ways and in that I love this person. It breaks my heart to hear about this loss, and I personally messaged and found out more details and it just brought me to my knees. Praying that God would intervene on behalf of my friend. The utter tragedy of this loss, and the children left behind. They need our prayers! Please join me in praying for these people involved and effected by this tragedy!!

We should never be deceitful in our sharing of a Gods mercy and grace. Gods will can’t be known for individuals. That is personal between you and God. You can be out of Gods will, as by their fruit we will know. However, we can’t know what Gods will is for your life.

We should always be thinking about the listener, our audience, before we speak. Who may not believe in God, or they are not spiritually mature in the Lord to understand the statement, it will come across as insincere and dismissive — ultimately doing the Lord a disservice in witnessing His Almighty Grace and Peace in times of turmoil and despair.

God is the answer always! He is always faithful!

Although I know that in the long run God can turn all curses to blessings. In a time of sorrow and in a time of loss, from the worldly point of view, saying this is good – doesn’t sound biblical. Yes we all lean on the Bible verse “Romans 8:28 KJV – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

God hears our prayers and our crying!

See that verse doesn’t pertain to those who do not love God and are not actively seeking His purpose in their life. Now, I’m not going to say that those who don’t believe or trust in God aren’t going to have nice things, but everyone will at some point in their life experience loss or pain that feels so unreal that we need love that passeth all understanding to overcome that kind of dread and possible bitterness that could develop into hate.

We should always be sincere when we provide the blessings of Christ. Malicious & Hard Hearted & Bitterness are not going to bring anyone to wanting to know the saving Grace of Christ Jesus!

Its not unreasonable to say “we can’t handle that kind of pain” – You’d be right actually! God begins where we end. He is all sufficient and our minds don’t have the capacity to understand him completely or why things happen the way they do. However, I do believe when someone has lost a friend, family member or anyone really – to say “Its apart of Gods plan” – is reducing Gods plan in my opinion. How can we know Gods plan for them? If it is apart of Gods permissible plan, why say that in a time that needs comfort?

Our default is to say the first bitter, unfiltered, defiling, feeling we think. That’s seen as being bold in the worldly view of things. However, being chaste in our words and showing grace with our words can breathe life into people.

God doesn’t intend for us to use the Bible to beat people up with, but rather to minister and edify their spirit. Plant the seed of love and peace that God brings to those who are willing to hear and those who aren’t. We are not here to condemn others, but rather lift them up and let them know that God loves them REGARDLESS!

This means we have to be actively, proactively, every moment, aware of what we think – so that we can always be careful what we say and how we say it. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. We can destroy and wound or we can lift and encourage, all with our tongue! We have to work at being kind and loving.

To the Saved, Born Again, God Fearing Christian. When we want to minister to others, stay strong in your Faith. Breathe life into others with scripture . Leave the agenda behind and pray it out of you. Do not play God in peoples lives. Minister the hope and the peace and let God do God. HE does it best!

We need to be the example, not just speaking it! In all things we should be keeping our speech with grace.
Thank you! Much love! This isn’t how I anticipated this blog, I plan to pray about this more for my own spiritual growth in the Lord! Please feel free to reach out to me! I love to hear from you!

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