Hymns & Bible & Scavenger & Prayer

Today is 03/22/22

I’ve thought about making a series on my mornings with my daughter. Its something that I’m so thankful for. Its changed the dynamic of our relationship and how we think toward each other and how we interact.

Meeting my daughters spiritual needs as well as her mental and physical needs is a challenge. I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn with her and maybe something I share here in this series will benefit you and your spiritual journey with your children.

We begin the day with a yawn and I make a cup of coffee as I prep the kitchen for some goodies. Once I have fed the little bit ( my 18 month old ) and put her back down for a nap, Aryana is usually awake and stretching out on the couch. By this time I’m nestled up on our other couch.


The beginning is a time of praise, rejoicing and laughter!

What better way to start our day than with some singing. I’ll say!
When we get started its just so much fun honestly. Today I picked “Make Me A Blessing” which is page 281 in our hymnal we have at home.

Aryana then picked one of her favorites “Nothing But The Blood” page 208.

I then picked “I’ll Fly Away” page 255.

And last but definitely not least, Aryana picked “Silent Night” page 66.

Once we finish our fun singing we then move to reading a chapter. I have made this a very independent endeavor, I used to choose what my daughter would read. However, we’ve been doing this routine for over 2 months now and it seems to encourage the desire to read versus the begrudging duty of reading the Bible.

Like most I would assume, want their children to desire to read the Bible and have a relationship with God versus an obligatory task required to be a “good Christian” or as punishment for doing something wrong. (I disagree with using things that are necessity, but also difficult to want to do as a means to punish a child for unseemly behavior).


Each reads one chapter for now!

Aryana chose to read Psalms 23 (which is a favorite of hers, she has read it the past 4 days – she wants to memorize it) – Naturally, when we began this morning routine, Aryana leaned toward the Psalms due to the small nature of the chapters, and I have not swayed her doing so. I almost did at first. But I soon realized; My Kid Wants To Read The Bible. — I should encourage what she chooses, instead of correcting. Period. The devil will try to even use the Bible as a means to argue and disagree. In this, I have learned – PICK MY BATTLES WISELY. Stop arguing with your child about what they choose to read in the Bible. I have learned a lot just by being quiet!

Now, I chose to read John 17 — This past weekend we went to our church Friday and Saturday to help assemble Bibles for Mexico, Chile, and another Spanish speaking location. On Saturday, I sat next to a lady who was a wonderful blessing to me as I stapled the Bible binder. She noticed that on page 30, which is the page I needed to staple, was John 17 in Spanish. She then began to tell me how amazing that is, because that is the prayer of Jesus. I then mentioned that my daughter loves the smallest verse in the Bible “Jesus Wept” – Because its so short – But its really huge! Jesus feels for us. Loves us. Prays for us. Cries for us. That’s Huge!
When I was done reading today, I looked to my daughter and said, “want to hear something funny?” — The passage my daughter read is Psalms 23, commonly referred to as the “Lords Prayer” – I then read John 17, which was of Jesus Praying.
Nothing is by coincidence. (Yesterday during our Hymn,Bible,Scavenger,Prayer time, we didn’t do our prayer time and I instantly felt convicted that I should not allow that to slip..) Aryana pipes up and says, our word should be Prayer!!


Word of the Day is Prayer!

When we do our scavenger, we pick a word, relevant to what we read in the Bible or hymns. Today’s Word is Prayer!
I go to the concordance in the back of my Bible (King James Bible – Scofield Reference Edition). Find the word of the day, and then jot down the reference and the text – I keep all this logged on my notebook. We do about 7 minimum sometimes even 9 references. Once I have them all jotted down. I then close my Bible and so does my daughter. Then the Scavenger Hunt is on!! With our Bibles closed, I call out the first reference and we RACE to get to it! (This began as an effort to help Aryana find books in the Bible without feeling like she had to use the reference in the front of the Bible – I wanted to help build her confidence, boy did this work better than I had anticipated!!) So, originally the rule was who “Lost” would have to read, today I changed that. I decided, you know what, we need to “prove” we made it there when we said so, so the moment you get there BEGIN READING, so you know you won that round! It was a hit! Aryana raced to the passage and read like her life depended on it. I felt instantly blessed to see her eagerness and even now as I’m writing this and she’s sitting on the couch doing her math. I’m smiling, just knowing that God saw that too. Makes my heart warm up.


This is a special time to think of others, growth goals & praises giving thanks to God!

Once we are done with the scavenger hunt we then begin our prayer time. First we take prayer requests from Aryana and then I write down my prayer requests and then Aryana starts us off by using what I wrote down as a reference and then I end it off by praying for the prayer requests I wrote. Its very simple and loving and I usually pray for myself to have patience each time as that is in high demand!

Thank you for reading about our morning routine. I plan to give a brief outline in the series each day, that way you can see what we do and that it may be an encouragement to you in your daily Hymns, Bible Reading, and Prayer!

March 22nd 2022

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