Waiting On God

Hi! I’m Hannah♥️

Tonight and this past week have been tough, as I go through major changes in my life, I feel encouraged by God to share what waiting on God means to me. I am a flawed human, but I am committed to trusting in God and preparing myself for what God wants me to do in my life. I pray you’ll be encouraged. God Bless!

We will walk through things that we may never understand on this side of Heaven. However, we have to find our refuge, our safety, in Jesus Christ, the Word, and prayer. No matter what we face in this life by way of trials, death, disappointment, etc., there is always safety when we remain faithful to God, our refuge.

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I’m feeling all the feelings and questioning all my intentions and writing messages, just to delete and cry. It’s not easy being vulnerable with real things happening in our life. Some people simply can’t be trusted and others just don’t care. Neither are safe to share with. The first we should always share with is God. Gods filter is better than anyone on this earth, and once we’ve gone through the fire on our pain with God (this really is without ceasing) ; Although we will still have hurts from the circumstance we are facing (we live in a sin cursed world), we’ll have wisdom, understand & discernment from God to know who to talk to and when to seek wise counsel. The Bible says if we ask, He is faithful to provide.

We in our fragile states, will be our most impressionable and thus most vulnerable to those who might want to use our circumstance to further chokehold us. Immobilizing us to such an extreme, we won’t even think there is a way out of our despair, with the “help” of not-so wise counsel. I was, for many years inside of unwise counsel, and made a lot of damaging choices (which are my responsibility, and I will live with for the rest of my life). It really is a big deal though, who we seek counsel from and if we are prepared to seek counsel.

I’m still waiting on God to show me someone I can trust for wise counsel. I’ve learned that we all go through seasons, and I may have met the person who will be a wise counselor in an area of my life, they simply haven’t learned yet what will be wise for me to know. So, I want to be prepared, talking to God and searching my heart and mind ti be sure I will also be receptive to wise counsel. Gods timing is the best timing, and I want to be ready when He calls on me. This is what it means to me to wait on God. Talking with God, as He is working in others lives, who He plans to have intersect my life. I want to be ready, reading the Word of God, and positioning myself amongst people who have the same mindset, to get closer to God. Trusting in God. This is what waiting on God means to me.

We all need things in our life and it’s quite amazing how my needs get fulfilled when I’m focusing on God. I am experiencing great loss right now, but I see God working this out for good. I just don’t know how, but God has really blessed me and I felt like sharing that with you tonight.

Thank you for reading! – Hannah

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