Splitting: Why Viewing Things In Black And White Can Be Damaging

Recognizing life is not just black and white helps you to become more aware of why you think and act the way you do.

What does disassociation even look like?

Dissociation… ranging from a mild emotional detachment from the immediate surroundings, to a more severe disconnection from physical and emotional experiences.

Reflecting on 2022

“God gave me understanding that proved that I’d unknowingly harbored many false beliefs that were more apart of culture and not Christ-like.”

What Does Word Salad Look Like?

When you’ve been feeling unheard and dismissed when you voice legitimate concern and some how you end up as the one apologizing or confused for even saying anything at all and/or reacting. Now all they focus on is your reaction and you’re accused of nagging or being that person who is bitter and doesn’t let anything go. After, you can barely even remember what happened. You feel disoriented and doubting your own gut feelings or instincts.

What Does Gaslighting Look Like?

…I built a belief system on these lies and had to unravel them and see my patterns. The deep pain that comes with healing from wounds no one can see…

What Does Genuine Repentance Look Like?

Tap For Full Article — “Repeated exposure of chronic lies, hidden sexual addictions, unearthed financial indiscretions, and many other secret, deviant behaviors can knock a victim of psychological abuse off their feet, sending them tumbling down a proverbial rabbit hole time and time again. Except she isn’t Alice and her marriage is anything but Wonderland.
The pattern of two steps forward and ten steps back is seemingly endless as the relative quiet that usually follows a supposed relational breakthrough is often short-lived before more turbulence resumes and the pattern starts over. Without clarity and removing the root issue of abuse, problems continue to spring up at full force like overgrown weeds after a rainstorm, so that a victim chronically cycles between the dangling carrot of hope and the slippery downward spiral of a trauma-induced black hole.
How, then, can a woman know if her husband’s profession of change is real or if it’s just another ploy to keep her trapped in the web of narcissistic abuse? Though not an all-encompassing picture, below are some ways you can identify true repentance.”

— Jenn Nestler

Is it me? Trying to Make sense in a Confusing Relationship

Is it me? Trying to Make sense in a Confusing Relationship
Your experience is real and your feelings are valid. Dealing with trauma sounds dramatic, when you’ve been conditioned to believe that being traumatized is your own fault and something to feel shame and guilt for. Thus, you minimize your own experience, as result of this deeply imbedded belief that is hurting you further, keeping you inside of unhealthy and harmful situations.​