Is it me? Trying to Make sense in a Confusing Relationship

Everything I send, I’m re-listening to it, just to be sure I’m recommending something I 100% feel you’d eat up and feel encouraged by.

What is Gaslighting in a Toxic Relationship? Episode 92

This episode 92 really helped me identify some of the behaviors I’ve experienced. Gas lighting is the topic of this. They touch base on more empowering things too, such as DARVO (which is a hyper focused type of gas lightening), which is pretty important and blew my mind learning about this.

How Do I Know What Is Real or True When My Husband Gaslights Me? Episode 165

This episode 165 has a anonymous listener record a question, it is pretty descriptive and describes our both same concerns to a literal T. I found it an encouragement and refreshing to know that not only am I not alone, I’m also not crazy. The crazy making that happens in the “petty arguments” that escalate beyond our own ability to understand, makes us feel things that aren’t easy to talk about much less comprehend fully. This episode touches base on the side effect of how this behavior can make us think we have no choices, and also talks about how we can choose to see ourself differently and what things mean. How do we know what is real and true. How do I know if my experience is real or not? Where we often ask ourself, is it me?

Helpful Resource

Resources and Encouragement while in a Confusing Relationship.

I highly recommend these and I did literally post all the episodes that impacted my mind, beliefs, and ultimately gave me the courage to simply not feel so much shame and guilt for someone else’s choices, taking control of what I can and holding firm to my newly established boundaries. Constantly dismissing my own feelings and experiences. Because the shame of it all is too overwhelming, especially when I grew up in a home where appearances were everything. I’m still learning and wanted everything in one place to keep me accountable and help other women be encouraged. On my website

An Emotional Recovery Tool That Changes Everything. Episode 160

Episode 160 is about how we think, learning how to process our thoughts and the difference between and the definitions needed to get some clarity in why we do certain things on auto pilot almost, and then beat ourself up for doing the same thing over and over even though we know how it’s going to end. In feeling guilty and shame.

Seven Things an Abuser Does When You Set Boundaries. Episode 62

Episode 62 is all about boundaries and how these boundaries are there to protect us. Then also how the person who habitually violates our boundaries is predicable in the ways they violate the boundaries. Some of the tactics don’t happen in the same order or even they aren’t happening yet, but once boundaries are being enforced more firmly. The violator of boundaries will begin changing how they gain your trust again and the cycle becomes even more covert and confusing. Establishing great mental skills from episode 160 will help in the establishment and enforcing boundaries.

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Your experience is real and your feelings are valid. Dealing with trauma sounds dramatic, when you’ve been conditioned to believe that being traumatized is your own fault and something to feel shame and guilt for. Thus, you minimize your own experience, as result of this deeply imbedded belief that is hurting you further, keeping you inside of unhealthy and harmful situations.

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